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So as I am sitting in class this morning I am realizing that it has nearly been 10 years since I have been in school.  Which means nearly 10 years since I was required to do homework, read books, write papers and the such.  As one of our school leaders stood at the front and gave us the syllabus she asked if we all knew how to write essays….”Oh shoot!  I don’t remember how this things works.”  Thank goodness she gave and overview again or I would have been in big trouble.  I love to write but I would say I tend to merely ramble on as I blog, there’s not usually structure or proper punctuation.  Hopefully punctuation won’t be graded…if so…well let’s just say I’m not the greatest.  I usually tend to put commas wherever I see fit!

I’m super stoked for this school, a bit nervous as well.  Our schedule and homework is pretty crazy, but it’s doable.  It’s going to take some digging in my heels, time management, and a choice to not procrastinate.  I would say I am on the right track.  It’s 6:20pm and I have my first reading done!!!  Woohoo!!!!  

I was very excited when 5 people came with me to workout today, I didn’t have to do it alone and we had such a good time.  Did a WOD and then went and jumped in the ocean.  I live in a cute little house that is totally falling apart, but it’s so great to be in a home and not just in a room.  There are 10 of us students from 8 nations!!!  I am one of two Americans in the school.  I will post my next video with where I am living and maybe my roomies will even play along and say hello!  I live in a house with a whole bunch of people but all of us girl students (there are 6 of us) share two rooms.  They are great girls.  All very young but are really great girls.  There is a girl from Canada, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, and Virginia.  Our four guys are from Canada, Michigan, Palau, and New Zealand.  

We are like a big family of 10 and I absolutely love it.  We eat together, live together, read together, and just do life together.  It’s only been 4 days so maybe the greatness of it will wear off but I actually don’t think it will.  This is a good group of people and I’m so excited to spend this season diving head first into the Word with them.  This school is going to blow my mind, I can already feel it.  I like to think I know what I have gotten myself into, but I really have no idea.  Here is part of what this is in a few short sentences;

“The goal of SBFM (School of Biblical Foundations and Missions) is to have students graduate with the tools and the passion to impact any sphere of society, having an understanding of Worldview and the importance of the ideas that shape a Worldview.  With this understanding, rooted in Truth and Passion to see God move in their sphere of influence, SBFM grads are poised to be leaders in the transforming of nations.”

I am so excited for what it is to come.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support.  Your prayers mean more than you know.  It’s so nice to know that I have people standing for me and believing in me!!! I am still in financial need, at this point I still need about $1500 to pay for the second half of the school.  If you feel led to give one time or monthly I would be oh so grateful.  If you follow this link you can give and your donation is tax deductible.  Partner with Me.  

I will be updating my blog as much as possible with all the amazing things I am learning here, so if you would like you can join my blog!!!


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. So exciting Lu! Can’t wait to hear all the neat things as you learn and grow. Say ‘Kia Ora’ to the NZ guy on your team. 🙂

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