An Explosion of the MIND

The lovely ladies I’m learning alongside!!!!

I am hoping this time will be different, I have come to this post page entirely too many times in the last month, but just couldn’t write.  I have wanted to blog so many times, but it seems that the amount of information that is coming into my brain is having a hard time coming out.  It’s time to write though, I hope….

I decided to come here to do this school of Biblical Foundations because I wanted to know why I believed what I believed about God.  I got here and I realized I really didn’t know much.  I already sort of knew I didn’t, but I soon realized that I have been an ignorant Christian, reading the parts of Scripture that worked for me (and usually I used them how I wanted to use them), I also absolutely had my head in the sand about society, politics, government, education and science with it’s regards to God.  I decided awhile back that I was not going to be someone who was a Christian on Sunday, but what I didn’t realize was that I had not taken who God is and applied it to the world around me.

“The world is going to hell in a handbasket…what do you want one little person like me to do about it?”

Well, my head has been pulled out of the sand and I realize that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and it doesn’t help when I stand behind the walls of the church pointing my  finger at all that is wrong.  I don’t feel I’m called to work in a church or a really holy place.  I feel called out into the world, but do I even have two legs of truth to stand on?  In order to change the world I need to go out in to the world, not just hide back in my comfy cozy world and do what I do.  I did that for a very long time, but now in this season it’s learning the things that I never learned, or just didn’t pay attention to them when they were taught.

Our nations is on a very slippery slope, but of course it is, we have removed the standard of right and wrong.  We have removed God from every place possible and expected that somehow things will get better.  That we, in our finite and fallenness can pull up our own bootstraps and get things back on track.  Here’s the problem…when you remove the standard of truth (God, the Bible, Biblical Law) what do you have left?  “Whatever works for you.”  How many times have you heard this?  “Well you have your truth and I have my truth”  Hitler, as much as we would like to believe was crazy…he wasn’t, he was a man who believed that by wiping out those who hindered society he could create a utopian society.  The pedophile is attracted to the small child, his truth is that he should be able to use that child…it’s his truth.  I could go on and on but I won’t.  I just wanted to give a few examples of different peoples truth and how they work in a world  where your truth is your truth, the whatever works for you mentality.

When God does not exist truth is relative and subjective to the individual, our truth in EVERY AREA of life needs God in it.  We cannot do life rightly without him.

I have had my mind awakened to thinking again, I realized that a long time ago I stopped thinking, I didn’t understand and rather than learning about it, I just turned my back on it.  Rather than paying attention to politics I just stopped voting and yet kept whining about the things that were wrong…Don’t worry I just sent my absentee ballot in…I’VE VOTED.  I like listening to political debates because I actually like to hear what is being said because I have taken the time to understand.  I am learning about government.  We talk about the education system and realizing the true need there.  We do not need more education to fix things….We NEED God to be back in the picture…man is not of higher intellect than God.  To many of you I may sound super dumb and wonder why you never realized how lame I was…but I’m just being truthful.

For so long I stayed out of the conversations that involved intellect because I had stopped thinking, I didn’t know how to think any more.  We have all been created in the image of Christ, we can think the thoughts of God, but we must activate and participate in this.  I came here thinking that I wanted to love Jesus with my mind, and boy howdy has that happened!!!

I may be one person, but I now know that I serve a God who can take my one little mind, body, and soul and do a whole heck of a lot with it.  I had to first understand why I believed what I believed…it’s not always been easy, I’ve had some ideas and foundations smashed here…been uncomfortable with doctrine or ideas I had never thought about, but again I’ve learned to think and make a conclusion.  I would challenge you to ask the Lord to open up your mind to the things you have shut your mind off too.

Our nation needs God now more than ever, God needs those who are willing to stand for truth even if you’re the only one.  You are one person but God wants to use you…heck last week I started plotting my way to running for President….SERIOUSLY.  For those of you know who really know me, know that it’s just plain silly that I would think that.  My mind has been turned back on and now I want to know, Lord where can you use me the most to transform the hearts and minds of your people.  I’m here, use me.

P.S. I know things have shifted in my thinking and that I’m using my brain, because I actually read through this and made some changes….hahahaha.  I never read back through these things.  I still know I will need a ghost writer when I write my first book, but I am trying a bit harder not to just ramble about…

4 thoughts on “An Explosion of the MIND

  1. Very well written Lu. I am a person like the person that you used to be (well, sort of). I live in a world where I believe what I believe and I don’t question it. Don’t ask me to explain why, because I am not smart enough to put it into words. I can really appreciate your desire to find answers to all of the questions. The world needs people like you…..alot more people like you. I would definately vote for you if you ran for President. Can you just imagine if the people in charge of this country put the Lord first and weren’t afraid to stand up for it? People who weren’t influenced by money and worldly things? I think my ignorance keeps me from feeling overwhelmed, thinking about how horrible things really are. You keep learning and writing, you are so very good at both. I love you.

    • Linda,
      Thanks for the encouragement. You are smart enough to know and to also express what you believe!!! You are very capable of these things. I would challenge you to begin to ask questions, to not just nod and smile but to nod and know, and your nodding could be up and down or side to side. My challenge to you from far away my friend. A challenge that is with the mind and not the body..shifting gears on you. What your body can do, your mind is much greater =). Love you lady.

  2. Thanks for sharing your insight. It is gift from God to see his love flowing out of you. How cool is it that God is reaching you intellectually as well as through your heart? Just receive and apply – one day at a time.

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