My Own Questions Being Answered

I must say that my mind feels as if it can no longer hold any more information.  It feels filled to brim and it’s capacity has come to an end.  I must remember that this is not the case…but it sure does feel like it.  I think I should feel smarter, but I just don’t.  Hopefully all that has been ingested these last four days will be sealed and take root.

This week has been a week on Apologetics: The discipline of giving a rational basis for my faith.  But, really what it’s been is literally moving the boulders out of the so that I can better see the cross.  That is what we are ALL as Christians called to do…not just the really smart and intellectual ones.  We are all called to help remove obstacles that people can better see the cross.  My own questions have been answered this week, with a greater ability to see why I do believe what I believe.

There are hard questions asked and if we better understand the character of God we can better answer the questions that people may have about this God we love.  Questions of creation, of the goodness of God, free will, evil and good, and I could go on and on.

I want to challenge you to know why you believe what you believe because God has called us all to be his disciples and there really are people out there with valid questions, valid hurts, and they are looking for answers.  Listen to people, talk to people and not at people, be willing to empathize with them as they do desire answers.

Our society has shifted our definition of tolerance.  It used to mean a mutual respect for one another’s beliefs in the arena of discussion.. It was a level playing field in the area of ideas.  There was a willingness to move on a given point and there were certain mountains we didn’t need to climb and then die upon our swords, there was mutual respect amongst a disagreement.  It now has come to mean that we must accept someone’s beliefs for what it is and even celebrate the difference.  If one does not they are deemed intolerant.  There is a difference between accepting one’s beliefs and embracing them.  There is a respect without needing to take them on as my own.  This shift has become a very slippery slope that we live on, we do not have to agree in order to have respect for the person.  We live in a world now where if you disagree with someone’s belief you are disagreeing with them as a person and that is just not the case.  We cannot take a disagreement with an idea as a disagreement with the person and vice versa, we cannot dismiss the person because we disagree with the belief.  Ravi Zacharias puts it so well, “We are not here to throw mud at people, we lose ground to stand on and we get our hands dirty.”

Oh that my brain would continue to burst and overflow as I learn and think and create solid foundations for the God who has captured my heart.

One thought on “My Own Questions Being Answered

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