Who Woulda Thunk It…NOT ME!!!!


“He brought me into being and no one is better able to understand or care for me.”

 -W. Phillip Keller

Gosh, it only took me 31 years to realize that God really does know what is best for me.  For goodness sake he is the one who created me.  I was created in His image, His dreams reside inside of me, the gifts and talents I possess, well HE GAVE THEM TO ME.  So the moment I realized this my life changed.

Only the Lord would take a girl with the hardest of hearts with a degree in Exercise Physiology soften her heart and then stir up a desire for a Master’s Degree in Christian Apologetics….seriously only the Lord.  I have set my bags down, unpacked them, with the hope that they can be taken on another adventure soon.  For right now though, it’s time to settle in and I’m ok with that.

Take a minute and ask yourself if you really have given your life to the Lord?  Does he lead and guide your day or do you only give Him certain parts of your life?  You know the parts you think he can handle?  I will leave you with another quote by Keller to ponder….

“Our view of Him is often too small, too cramped, too provincial, too human.  And because it is, we feel unwilling to allow Him to have authority or control–much less outright ownership of our lives.”



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