To Season and Preserve


I’m going to just leave you with the following. This is from a devotion from RZIM ministries. I feel there’s nothing more to be said, just ponder it, I would love to hear your heart in the comments section about what was stirred in you after you read it. Here is is:

“Mark Twain once said, ‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.’ For those of us who live the faith we profess without challenge, trial, or risk, reflection may well be appropriate. Is it possible that we have so shut ourselves up in Christian circles that we have closed ourselves off from the world and hence any chance of suffering for Christ? Is it possible that we are so at ease among the majority that we avoid venturing out as the minority among those who might hate or hurt us? Certainly we experience hostility and persecution indirectly. But how we are personally interacting with the angry, the lost, and the broken masses Jesus once wept over is another thing entirely. How effectively we live as ‘the salt of the earth’ that Jesus described depends on our place and posture within it. Surely salt that remains content within the shaker has lost its saltiness.”

A Slice of Infinity- RZIM Ministries

2 thoughts on “To Season and Preserve

  1. Yes. It’s the ‘venturing out’ that we’re called to; not the waiting around and making ourselves as comfortable as possible until the next life, but truly engaging in the world around us right here and right now. And if the world around me looks and talks exactly like me, maybe I need to broaden my borders. Is my ‘ministry’ focused only on people just like me? Am I only serving other pew sitters? Where is my focus? I ask myself these questions often, because my desire to serve God’s people can frequently crowd out my desire to love the unlovely, the hopeless, the angry. Thanks for the reminder that the salt is useful only when it is poured out. This is good stuff.

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