Stagnant Water is Nasty!

While reading an article on nutrition the other day it got me thinking about life. The concept of the article was about how many people don’t eat well, they don’t eat horrible, but they eat well enough to feel “fine”. They feel “fine” with the foods they are eating, they don’t feel horrible, and they aren’t too overweight, or lacking too much energy, but great isn’t the word used to describe their state of being. Why is that? Why is it that we are ok with “fine”? What possesses us as human beings to settle into a life of “fine”?

This idea took me on all kinds of rabbit trails about life….I won’t take you on those, but, I sure went on a lot of them. Here’s the thing, where else in our life do we just settle for the mediocrity of “fine”? How many times when someone asks us how we are, the response can sometimes be, “fine”?

I don’t know about you but I do not want to be fine in any area of my life…well that is unless I’m lookin’ fine with my hair all did, rockin’ my new favorite dress, and some killer heals…now that sort of fine, I’m good with!!!!

I want more! I want more out of this life! I want more of who God is! I want to feel great about what I’m putting in my body, because it’s giving me more energy, I sleep better, and I’m feeling ‘fine‘ in my new jeans that are just the right size and there’s nothin’ hanging over the top, you know what I mean…..

I want my relationship with the Lord to be amazing, not stagnant. I want my relationships to be deep and meaningful, to love and be loved by those around me. I have to ask myself a question and I will pose the same to you…

What areas of your life are “fine” and why are they “fine”, but even more than that, are you ok with the “fine”? If so, shame on you! Snap out of it! Wake up! Go find a friend to tell you that you are worth way more than that!!! I’m serious, go find them, and ask ’em to slap you right upside your, “I’ve become ok with a mediocre” head. It’s time to wake up sleeper!

You were meant for way more. You’re worth way more! You’re way more important! And there are plenty of people around you that need you to stop being ok with “fine”!!!

Let’s share our areas of fine….

I feel like I have settled for fine in the area of trusting the Lord with somethings and not trusting Him with others!


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