This is Only the Beginning.

Our stories and our struggles help to inspire those around us. I think most of the time we think that no one would understand what we are going through. That lie keeps our issues shoved deep into our souls and we struggle alone. I’m working with some amazing people with some amazing stories, I’ve asked them to share on this blog their journeys. Meet Jenna, she’s an amazing woman on the verge of some ridiculous breakthrough in her life, it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be messy, but she’s learning that SHE’S WORTH FIGHTING FOR! I think she is pretty wonderful, join us in her journey.
Last summer a friend talked me into a one day boot camp. The Fearless and Fit Retreat promised healthy delicious food, great speakers and intense workouts…for an entire day. That morning I rolled out of bed with a thousand excuses in my mind about why I should cancel. I have allergies. I don’t have anything to wear. My back hurts. My shoes are old. It’s Saturday for cryin’ out loud. I’m scared of women almost as much as working out. I might die. But I went. And that’s when I met her.

Lu was tough. And gorgeous. She spoke from her heart about where she had been, what she had learned, and why she had invited us up to the hill that day.

I didn’t die, and nine months later I found myself emailing her for help.


So this is me. My name is Jenna, and I’m ready for a change.

This is not about a ‘makeover’. It’s not about a self-improvement program. It’s not about a list of goals, or rules, or tricks for losing weight. It’s not about numbers.

This is about striving to honor God with my body. This is about choosing what is harder because it is healthy and true. This is about discovering and absorbing the fact that God will not love me any more tomorrow than he will today. This is about digging out the poisonous crap I have buried for years. This is about healing and moving and choosing what is right and good.

Every once in a while I’ll pop over here and keep you posted on my progress. I promise to be honest, even if it’s awkward. And sometimes maybe we’ll ask Lu to chime in and give us her two cents. Thanks for reading.
I’ll be back!
Jenna is married to her prom date (David) and is the proud mom of Ethan (22), Evan (20) and Ellis (18). She is learning how to live like Jesus and to love urgently, extravagantly and invisibly. She is a hopeless coffee freak, a mentor for teens and college kids, and blogger over at JUMPING INTO AWKWARD.


One thought on “This is Only the Beginning.

  1. Jenna,
    I love your post. The first paragraph will resonate with many people I am sure. It did with me!! You are in good hands with God and His plans for you and His human vessel of Lu to help you get where He wants you to be. My devotions today talked about ‘when you feel far from Me, whisper My name. This simple act done in childlike faith opens your Heart to My presence.” (Sarah Young, Jesus Calling). I pray that you will find the very best Jenna that God created you to be as you whisper His names in those times where you are digging deep!

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