I Must Be Crazy

Hi guys….

Wow it’s been a long time since the last post. As this journey over the years has unfolded as has the vision and the workings of God in my life. As the heading of the blog says, TRUTH, PASSION, STRENGTH I’ve had a vision for what that looks like. Patience has been the key, waiting for the Lord to lead the way. I am sure this will be a constant process, but as of right now I am adding a new blog to this thing.  Soon these will all be linked together, but for right now there’s a couple blogs going on.


I will be logging the STRENGTH portion of the journey. I have felt like I need to start a log of my training. A place to share what my training looks like, but to also share the challenges and the victories. Just because I’m a trainer doesn’t mean that this all comes crazy easy to me. It’s a season that I am and God is using it in crazy ways to breakthrough in my life.

Feel free to post, ask questions, join in the fun or whatever you feel works best for you! Thanks guys. Tomorrow look for a new post here from little sissy. Until then head on over to Honor Your Gift.

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