Owning It. Part II


“Mom if I had muscles I could be beautiful like Lu.”

That simple little phrase couldn’t have come at a more perfect time…

Out of the mouths of babes comes words that can penetrate the very deepest parts of who we are. 5 year old Sophia did precisely that. As those words came through a text I was undone…crying and wondering how in the world that little girl had known how my day had gone.

I had seen a picture of my arms taken that morning and to me they looked huge…I then proceeded to head to get a massage. The conversation began with me saying nothing and Danie saying, “Lu just as the body of Christ needs all of its parts, so do you. You gotta say yes to every part of you.” I had not even told her anything from the morning. She then proceeds to say even more and I basically cry through my entire massage and then she does some modality that feels like she is attaching my arms back onto my body.

Later that night the text comes through…

What I see as a part of my body that’s huge Sophia sees as beautiful. She decides that arms like mine will make her beautiful. It’s not the arms it’s the realization that who you are is beautiful. We all aren’t supposed to look the same, we all have different giftings and callings. The part I find so wonderful is that a little 5 year old girl looked with her little laser beam right into my heart and spoke a truth I struggled to believe…I’m saying yes to em.

This weekend I got to be an athlete in a competitive setting again. I was prepared, I had trained, I was so excited, and for the first time in my life I was competing because I was born to do it, because it brought glory to the one who created me. I had fun and I worked my tail off. I can look back and say I held nothing back and I knew that in my performance that I was brining the Lord pleasure and I could feel it.

Are you brining the Lord pleasure in your life?

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