Do They Make you Better or Just Make you Feel Better?


After having coffee with a friend yesterday morning this question has continued to bounce around in my brain….

Why do I hang with the people I do?

Everywhere we go there are cliques, at church, at the gym, at school, at a party, etc. We all have those people that we are drawn to, that we choose to spend our time with, that we feel comfortable around.

This is going to be short and sweet…

I want you to just take a little bit of time and decide why you run with the crowd you run with…

Do they feel safe to you?

Do they challenge you?

Do they love you enough to call you higher?

Do they let you vent and vent and vent and then affirm all of your feelings, or do they let you vent and then challenge you to live unoffended?

Do they make you feel better about yourself?

Are they broke like you?

Are they wealthy like you?

Do they love like you do?

Do they speak truth?

I want my answer to be because they make me better, regardless of their financial situation, their attire, their religion, etc. I want to surround myself with people that challenge me, call em up, and even call me out (with love). I want to live a life surrounded by people who will not allow me to stay the same, I want them to assist me in my growth.

Then in turn I also want to be a friend who loves well and speaks truth always.


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