Kegs and Jesus


As I sit and share the weekend with a friend that radically fought for the best version of me she says something that stops me in my tracks and so here it goes….

“When we walk in excellence in our callings God is highly glorified. Sometimes Christians overly mystify their calling….BE EXCELLENT AT WHAT GOD HAS MADE YOU GOOD AT. It takes sacrifice and it takes work, but when we are walking in our callings we are very happy and very effective humans.”

I have been training my tail off for the last 5 months. It has been fun, it’s been hard, it’s hurt, it’s been rewarding. I’m constantly asking The Lord why am I doing this? Shouldn’t I be doing something more noble?

I will not go into the story, maybe I will save it for another time. I just want to say that God has absolutely blown me out of water with my calling, where I am in this season. I have been faithful in competing and through CrossFit and two competitions after this weekend two women I just met absolutely have stepped into a new place of God’s heart. It was the most amazing and beautiful thing ever.

It was so wonderful as I got to walk with them this weekend and see God radically move in their lives…I used to be defined, identified and found value in my accomplishments. I had the honor of winning a competition this weekend but that seemed so unimportant in comparison to the freedom these women found and the friendship that we found as we let the Lord be the center of the weekend. I really have been set free from being identified by what I do. I am a vessel for the Lord doing what He’s asked of me.

What are you good at? Go after it with great excellence for you never ever ever know when God will place people in your lives that just need to be loved on and to hear your story. Our experiences, our stories matter and you never know when they might change the course of a life.



2 thoughts on “Kegs and Jesus

  1. This melts my heart. I truly believe I have learned over the past two years what God’s plan for me is. That is to be a light in this Community. To create Community..Inspire others daily…and to Give Back. I have been blessed to have been given the means…a wonderful man in my life to push me and support me to put my dreams into action…Friends and a Community to support me…and the tools and gifts from God to do just that. Glad to see the BinA Dream did just that this weekend for you three ladies. Thanks for sharing this, it means the world for me to hear what this weekend did for you. WOW!

    You are truly a wonderful inspriation and I’m looking forward to meeting you again!

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