I am the type of woman who does what she says she is going to do. I follow through, I don’t quit, I do my best to finish strong. This will be twice within the last year that I must humbly bow out.

Many of you remember last year when I moved back to Medford I enrolled in a master’s program…then I quit. That was a very humbling experience, but what came out of my bruised pride was a season of radical breakthrough and true understanding of what I was created to do.

I stand again on the precipice of another major life decision. In one month I was scheduled to move to Portland. I again bow out and I could NOT BE HAPPIER about the decision. I get to stay here with my family and friends.  It was not an easy decision to make…what would people think? “I don’t want people to think I am flaky.” Did I hear God wrong?” This could go on and on so I will stop there. It does not matter why, I just know deep in my heart I am to stay and as much as I know I should stay I also want to stay.

Here are the reasons I am staying:

1. My sister who had become one of my best friends is pregnant!!!

2. After I came home from an amazing trip to LA I felt like I got the go ahead to write a book. It’s been something I have been wanting to do for years.

3. I have a group of ladies that I train and they literally began praying and asking others to pray with them that I would not leave.  Prayer works y’all…hahaha.

4. Last week as I prepared my message for church I realized I got MY message, like the one I was created to carry.  The message that burns in my heart, the one that was put inside of me from the start.

5. I am a part of an amazing church that is at the ground level and I have been given an opportunity to be a voice in this place.

6. I was going to be working at a big corporate gym in Portland and as wonderful of a place as it was my free time would be quite limited. I would be attempting to build a new clientele base in a town where I don’t know many people.

For the last 2 years I feel as if I have been a stone that has been pulled back in a sling shot.  God has the thing pulled back and he is just waiting and waiting taking the most perfect aim.  JUST LET ME GO ALREADY has been the cry of my heart. So to be honest with you I did what dreamers and pioneers do when they are feeling uninspired….THEY GO TRY AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.

I thought leaving Medford was what needed to happen in order for the dreams and plans in me to come to fruition. We serve a much bigger God than that.  He can break open our greatest dreams and aspirations right in front of us. I have been waiting for years for this time right now. In my obedience God uncovered all of it.  The book, the teachings, the platform, it’s all happening. If I was to leave this sleepy little town in which single God fearing men don’t come around very often I would have missed it.  So I am still believing for that man to pop up in Medford because mama isn’t going anywhere!!!!

Trust the Lord with your life, He is so faithful and even when it doesn’t make sense…TRUST and OBEY.


2 thoughts on “BIG CHANGES…again!

  1. Amen Sister. Proud of you…no one thinks your flaky. I would say courageous, to always be open to the lords plan like that, and follow it…that is pure courage. Admirable. Real. Honest. You’re awesome Lu, no matter where you are, you’re the real deal.

  2. I am so thankful and happy you are staying. But more than my selfish reasons I am so glad you are at peace about it and you listen to the Lord. Love you Miss LU!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO

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