Write Down the Vision


For several years now I have loved covering journals. Taking a boring or sometimes tacky journal and recovering it and giving it away. I find such peace sitting in my living room paper all around and making an absolute mess. What comes with mess is also a girl who stays in her PJ’s ALL day, most likely doesn’t brush her teeth, she drinks way too much coffee, and probably won’t eat much food. I just get in a groove and I can’t stop.

I would always gives these journals away and then a friend said hey you should sell those.  So I put them on social media and almost all of them sold.  WOW. I’m not trying to make any money here, but they tend to pay for themselves which is always helpful.

While at church this weekend my pastor really encouraged people to write down what God was saying or how they were feeling or attempting to get all the jibberish in their head out on paper. He then gave the verse Hab. 2:2 in which it states, “Write down the vision.”

So basically all I want to say is write down what’s going on in your life. Write down your feelings, your struggles, your victories, it’s powerful stuff. I have four years worth of writing and it’s the greatest thing to go back and read what was happening in my life four years ago. I can see how far I have come. I can see the things God promised have happened. I can see it all. I can go back and re read something that I had totally forgotten about.

So I encourage you. Write it down it’s so incredibly powerful and quite frankly you never know what will come out when that pen hits the page, your life just might never be the same.


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