The Musings of the Girl with Muscles


So it’s Christmas Eve and mama is gettin’ all dressed up for an outdoor Christmas Eve service. Hey you never know what fine fellow might be in town visiting mom and dad 😜.

Now begins the musings from the girl with muscles…

So I decide I need to wear a pair of leggings under my pants so that I won’t be cold. As the body far drops the outdoor temp seems a bit colder :). Ok so I put on the leggings that I paid $7 for at Target, thy can only be worn in the privacy of my own home or under things because they shrunk so much they are down right see through. I then try to take my super cute fitted black pants and slide them on over the top….yeah ok!!!!!

So I pull the leggings down far enough to stand on them, make em a little longer….scrunch up the other pants, you know like you did with your child so you could just pull the leg out?!?!? You get what I’m saying, now I can grab the bottom of the leggings and slide them pants right up….Right?!?!? WRONG. Mama’s got calves, so I gotta stand back on the leggings then shimmy those pants over top them calves. I’m beginning to sweat….

We make it over the knees just fine….20 rep max of a front squat today, thighs may be a little more pumped than normal. Adjusting, making sure we don’t leave too much leg down by the knees. Still sweating….now for the bootie. Shimmy, shake, lay down, stand back up, suck in, wipe the sweat off the upper lip!!!!! I’m in!!!!!! Now time to pull the leggings back up on my waist where they are suppose to be.

Now for a few squats just to buy me a little more room…whoa stand up quick the seam down the leg is beginning to split! They are on though….YES! Victory lap!

Now we move on to the upper body. Getting it all on is fine….but I have to make sure I wear the thinnest and warmest things. Because here’s the deal, too many layers and I lose circulation in my arms I bend them! Buff girl in a little coat….

But dang I look good and mama will be warm. Thank you for reading my stupid little rant about my getting dressed tonight! I was laughing as it all went down. Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t change my body for the world. I love it just the way it is, there are just some things that are more challenging than others.

Merry Christmas!!!!


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