Who is This Girl?

I’m a daughter, I’m an auntie, I’m a friend, I’m an athlete, and I’m a coach.

Life has been an amazing journey, full of ups and downs, laughter and tears, goodbyes and hellos.  God has a funny way of doing things, but from my experience when we say yes to Him, life is the most fabulous adventure.

After starting my first fitness facility at the age of 24 and blazing full steam ahead for the next seven years, I walked. I left behind my family, friends, CrossFit gym, and all I owned…it was time to find Lu. Somewhere along the way she got lost.

After about two years of missions, nations, and more growth than I ever could have imagined, I find myself here again. I was never sad about walking away from the life I knew, but little did I know the great faithfulness of God. He’s given it all back. My life has come full circle. I’m filled with more joy, more expectations, more love, and more contentment than I ever knew was possible.

My story is a story of redemption, the mending of heart, and the fullness of God’s calling on our lives. I thought my days as a trainer and as an athlete were things of the past, boy was I wrong. I’m a trainer and an athlete walking in the fullness of who God has called me to be.

You can find me at CrossFit The Den loving every minute of my time with my clients and my friends.


6 thoughts on “Who is This Girl?

  1. LuLu-
    You are a beautiful woman.
    I love reading your posts and about your adventures.
    GOD is great and he blesses me everyday.

  2. We. Have just met. And we have SO MUCH in common! I was one of the guys in school. The girls didn’t like me because I was different! Didn’t wear dresses, or makeup, I avoided gossip sessions, and wasnt in a “click”. I liked everyone the same as the next. I was an athlete to the core!! All I wanted to do was play sports, lift weights, and learn about my Lord!! My own Dad always told me that I needed to be more feminine, more lady-like, wear dresses and not be so “tuff”. That hurt so bad! I thank u for making me feel great about myself again!!!! You are an amazing creation and you choose the Lord!! God bless you Lu! Thank you again

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