She’s Really Doing it.

The Beatiful Taren

There are few things in this world I love more than watching my friends do the thing they were created to do.

Last weekend my beautiful, talented, creative, loving friend Taren Maroun brought her beautiful face (and HAIR) into this town. We lived on the YWAM campus in Kona a few years back.  We hit it off IMMEDIATELY!!! She’s a little fire cracker oozing with creativity.

She graced Medford with her presence to help me with some media stuff. A few months back super late at night she text me and said, “What’s the password to your website? I’m on a roll, let me spruce it up.” So began the back and forth until she arrived.  We did some photos we shot some video and we are almost ready to launch the new website!  I’m so excited and God’s timing is SOOOO perfect.  Here is one of the demo videos we shot.